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Acclaimed 10-Week Film School finds new online home.

Sharp Focus Creative LLC, has announced the launch of an online version of their highly reviewed in-person 10-Week Film School located in Los Angeles, California. The online version of the course will launch in winter of 2021 and will contain the same script to screen, all-encompassing curriculum that the in-person course offers. With lifetime access to over 100 video lectures, printed materials and online mentoring, the online course almost is a better value than the pricier in-person class. Students will gain a solid understanding of all of the production phases and departments, from screenwriting to cinematography, directing and editing. As a bonus, just like the classroom version, Scott and Dave, the co-founders of Sharp Focus, walk students through acquiring a client and producing an original project to be delivered at the end of the online program so that students not only have a working knowledge of what they have learned, but also a legitimate credit to add to the resumé and reel.

For more about the 10-Week Film School Click here!

For updates from Sharp Focus Creative Academy, including launch dates and new class offerings, click below!

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